There is more to an old car than meets the eye.


‘Sure the cool factor is off the charts as soon as you become the proud owner of a ride from a bygone era, but there are many other things an old car can offer that are well beyond their inherent coolness.’


The first thing an old car can offer is a life adventure because they will fail to deliver on the promise to get from Point A to Point B at some point while you are behind the wheel.




There will be complications that will get in the way and they will take you out of your 21st century comfort zone when it comes to the driving experience.




New cars are engineered to go faster and more reliably down the road. Old cars were built and engineered for a different era and will react differently to everything from new age ethanol-flavored unleaded fuel to a hot summer day with an old cooling system. These and many other issues mean you will find yourself on the side of the road in an old car-it’s an inevitability that will add adventure to your life.




Mechanical failure adventures will bring you into something else an old car can offer you: a golden opportunity to be resourceful. How do you solve the problem your old car just handed to you? The breakdown situation gives you an opportunity to solve a problem that is well beyond your usual range of challenges.




The beauty of an old car is its simplicity. You can look under the hood and understand the basic layout of an old car and you stand a good chance to be able to identify the problem. You may even be able to solve the problem and that brings one more thing an old car can offer: a sense of accomplishment.




There will be plenty of self-satisfaction when you can get an old car to fire up again and resume the journey. We live in an era with an embarrassing number of guys who are unable and unwilling to even change a tire on their cars. On the other hand, you were able to fix your own car and get back on the road. You deserve to be smug and the other drivers deserve a very long wait for somebody to change the tire on their new cars. They have earned that long wait so they can think about their serious inadequacies as men while you get to pat yourself on the back.




An old car can offer you better social skills. There are few better conversational ice-breakers than old cars and new puppies. An old car may not have the warm and fuzzy presence of a new puppy, but an old car will run with the little dogs as a good way to break down barriers with other people. The best cure for shyness is practice with people and an old car will give you plenty of practice when it is a center of conversation with new people.




In summary; ask not what you can do for your old car, ask what your old car can do for you.



‘We at MSCC would like to apologize for really butchering John Kennedy’s presidential inauguration speech to make a point.’


Jim Sutherland


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