The idea of a tattoo is entirely a matter of choice.


But what do you do when Junior comes home and declares his love for Zelda the devil worshipper and announces his intention to get a giant hell spawn tattoo around his neck?



One that professes Junior’s eternal devotion to Zelda and her satanic overlord?


You get him a car project and tell him that he can air brush anything he wants into the paint job. We are all familiar with the intense and irrational phase of life known as adolescence. Thus it should come as no surprise that a younger generation would fall prey to hormones and opportunity.




Consequently a tattoo that intrudes on parts of the body (like the neck and face) where it really doesn’t belong may seem like a great idea in the middle of a large scale trend toward tattoos. But when the thrill is gone and tattoos retreat in popularity, the idea may lose its luster in a big way.



The trouble is that tattoos in prominent areas are a very permanent concept whereas as a custom paint job with serious airbrush artwork can be sanded away into a new idea. A car skin has unlimited possibilities but our skin is a pretty limited canvas.



A couple of things come to mind: tattoos are really an adult choice that should be made with a sense of permanence and conventional body placement in mind. Many car guys have traditional forearm tattoos, but few bring their face to the party.



Mike Tyson may live to regret his facial artwork but, in Tyson’s case, face tattoos would be down the list of personal regrets.


But parents have an opportunity to intervene in a crazy tattoo scheme with a car-a car that will fulfill every conceptual dream of the young adolescent male with a custom paint job. And a car project may delay the bad tattoo decision just long enough for Junior to get a job that pays well, but generally frowns upon giant anti-Christ face and neck tattoos with somebody named Zelda riding a snake.



It just wouldn’t go with the suit-even threads from Brooks Brothers couldn’t cover this fashion fiasco.



Jim Sutherland

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