The idea of a vintage vehicle website was on the front burner for us back in 2007.


All we needed to do was find the right person to build a website for us after we picked a name for it.


Our first name selection was an automotive variation of Average Joe to celebrate the kind of person you typically find in the vintage ride hobby: a working guy with limited resources.



We liked the name-and so did one of the candidate nerds for our website build when he bought the domain rights to the name immediately after our meeting with him. He believed his ownership would force us to use his services because he had the domain name, but he forgot the English language has a large dictionary full of words that could be used instead of Average Joe.


MyStarCollectorCar was not an overnight replacement for the hijacked domain name. We tossed around dozens of names over the next few months before the light bulb went on and we created The name had a rhyming flow to it, plus it had the right image for our belief that car guys and girls see their rides as stars in their personal lives.




We had the name and all we needed was somebody to build the website, so we asked for recommendations from our contacts in the nerd world. The process was not easy because website guys are similar to musicians in life philosophy and both march to the beat of their own drum.




Jerry and I had spent over 20 years dealing with musicians, so we knew the drill on flaky people all too well. Finally we just picked a guy out of the Yellow Pages and ran with him. He did a good job on a basic website and an even better job schooling us on how to actually operate a website that was destined to accumulate a massive amount of information.




Many mistakes were made in the early days when we fired up MSCC in April 2009 and became familiar with a new concept known as website content management-including how to avoid putting nonsensical gibberish instead of actual words on our pages. Some of the words in our earliest articles looked like the swear words in a 1960s comic strip before we corrected them.




Needless to say, our earliest readers scratched their heads when they saw the mistakes in print, but we were able to pick up the system fairly quickly and eventually deliver thousands of features to our website in actual English over the years.




The new website is built on a WordPress platform and will play to the strength of MSCC (words and photos) because WordPress is a primary choice for media giants due to its design which focuses on both words and photos.




The result is an exciting new MSCC website with better text layout and larger, sharper photos for our feature stories. Readers will click on a story and see an article that is closer to a magazine format, one that flows better and has great photos to support the story.




The format on the front page of the website will also be much simpler for navigation purposes because all of our main features will be clearly defined at the top of the page. Plus readers will have easier access to all of our stories because our search engine will be simpler and more effective for them.




The front page will also have many more features on it because we have made it bigger and better for our readers. We want people to see a lot more of our stuff because we are proud of our efforts and we want people to enjoy the old ride hobby from the front lines because that is where we find our articles.




We will also be able to develop new features for MyStar, including a Youtube video link that will evolve as we learn unique ways to use it in the future.




There will be fine tuning after the new platform goes live because there are literally hundreds of pages that need to be upgraded to the newer standards of the WordPress platform. This will be like a winter car project where you tinker with the stuff you want to upgrade during the down time of the cold, dark months.





There aren’t too many car shows in January up here so the possibilities are endless.


Bottom line? It will take readers more time to scroll down the new front page of because there are so many new features on it.


One thing has remained constant for us: the newest stuff will still be found at the top of the front page every day.

You don’t tinker with a winning concept.


Jim Sutherland



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