54- igp3366

54- igp3366


One of our local car guys has a very stylish 1954 Chevy custom pickup.


He has every reason to be proud of his truck and spends as much time as possible behind the wheel of his baby.


The truck always gathers a crowd and its congenial owner is more than happy to oblige curious onlookers.


In fact. he will allow people and their kids to jump behind the wheel to have their photos taken in the truck.


Bear in mind that most car guys are very protective of their rides in a neurotic helicopter parent kind of way.




They have invested money and time into something very near and dear to their hearts, so an owner who chooses to let people actually touch their vehicles is an unusual car guy.The truck owner likes to connect with the larger car guy universe where he can share stories and photos of his baby with other enthusiasts. He was chosen to showcase his pickup on a large Facebook site that ostensibly caters to like-minded car hobbyists.


The basic format is a Q&A session where owners explain their vehicle choice and provide the background to their interest in the old car hobby. The truck owner explained how he spotted the Chevy and it was a love at first sight scenario.A few things had to take place before he became the owner of the vehicle, but eventually he had the truck of his dreams. Patience and a long friendship with the previous owner worked in his favor in this story.




The day he became the official owner of the truck was the start of something special for him. He is an outgoing guy who has always loved the car hobby and now he became a part of the club with his stylish ’54 Chevy.


This is one of those happily-ever-after car guy stories and will be featured in a future MSCC piece. We look for people like the truck owner because they are part of a very positive world: the car hobby.


The car hobby is a world where owners can share a common bond of ownership and pride in their rides, except in cyber-world where drive-by keyboard assassins decide to insult the owner and degrade their rides with a series of highly undeserved cheap shots.


54- igp3360


These wannabe comedians looked for faults in the truck and came up with a series of posts about the color scheme and wheels, among other things. Their comments closely mirrored what one would expect from a coven of junior high kids battling the onset of adolescence and the insecurity of an acne breakout with a game of one-upmanship.


They came across as bitter and envious in their posts-not funny-not smart. These emotionally stunted cretins are the main reason we choose not to place our car owners in the line of fire. We used to send some of our stuff to other places until we encountered situations like this one where a proud owner is subjected to unwarranted and unsolicited criticism by mental midgets masquerading as pathetic excuses for comedians.




Fortunately the truck owner is a pretty savvy guy who can handle himself, even in one of the most pointless debates on the planet: a cyber-debate with humor-challenged morons masquerading as car guys.


We look forward to a future MSCC story about this truck.


We also look forward to making it an idiot-free experience for him.


Jim Sutherland

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