We don’t judge at mystarcollectorcar.


Well maybe we do, but we try to avoid the practice- at least at a minimal level.


Anyhow, we had to ask whether a car show or strip show is the best way to spend a pleasant day on the weekend.

The question only applies to summer in our geographical section of winter’s favorite frozen wasteland. The collector iron is in hibernation mode here, and any attempt to hold a car show would be an act of cruelty to the vehicles and the car guys who love them.


The interesting part is that car shows and strip shows share some similarities. You are able to admire the participants in both events, but you may risk serious bodily harm if you touch either group.


Both cars and strippers have to be on top of their game and in peak condition to avoid serious criticism. And usually the music in the background is played too loudly at both events- but it is unlikely that the Beach Boys are a fundamental part of the music library in strip clubs.



There is a likelihood of new components in both strippers and collector vehicles that render them non-original but possibly better than original in some cases. The questions of better performance and visual appeal are the usual reasons for the resto-mods in both strippers and vintage cars.


You can take your kid to a car show and he will probably ask a lot of questions, but he will ask even more questions if he was allowed in a strip club. Either way, you will be placed in a situation where your lack of knowledge will be exposed in a profound way.


The final similarity between strippers and vintage cars is the term “stripped down”. A car and a stripper have little to hide when they are stripped down, and both boil down to a matter of full disclosure at this point.


The next question is pretty obvious: do we like what we see well enough to stuff money into what little cover is left on either? The answer may affect the car and stripper at future shows.



For our money, we’ll take the car shows- unless the ‘Friends’ TV show girls are planning a 2011 strip show reunion/tour.


Jim Sutherland @mystarcollectorcar.com

See you tomorrow at mystarcollectorcar…


MARK:”Plus both have bullets (Dagmars) if you are attending a show with 57 Chevys”.

ROBERT:”I’ve been to a lot of car shows and a few strip clubs over the years, at this time of life I think I would prefer a good car show. Back in the days the cars and the gals were quite prevalent so I didn’t get around to the strip clubs very often”.