We have a local group of car guys and girls who love to drive their vintage rides.


‘They travel as a group and enjoy the company of like-minded people who enjoy the open road behind the wheel of old school cool vehicles.’


They have the right idea because there is no better reason to own a retro ride than to drive a retro ride.




We run into many owners who drive their cars and trucks less than 500 miles a season. Those are likely the best miles they will drive all year because they will get the ultimate driving experience in an old vehicle.




Older vehicles require more attention from the drivers because they do not have the computer-guided driver assistance technology found in today’s vehicles. Drivers feel more connected to the road behind the wheel of a retro ride because they have to pay attention to all the variables around them.




Drivers have to look for the other vehicles beside, behind, and in front of them when they drive their vintage rides. The old car will not make the adjustments for them in traffic and the drivers will be in full control of their vehicles-the way it should be in the vintage ride hobby.




That is the magic behind the hobby and the roving band of local car guys and girls take it to the next level with their long road trips. They and their vehicles command plenty of attention on the road because many of the vehicles in their posse were built over 70 years ago and got hot rod upgrades along the way to 2016.




The local club members are rock stars in traffic because nothing else on the road offers this much retro cool style in one group of vehicles. These retro rides traveling down the highway together would even get a kid to look up from his I-phone and briefly acknowledge the real world while riding in his parents’ six-seater computer with four wheels.




Most of the members of the local car club travelers are pretty handy with the wrenches and can handle most mechanical challenges on their road trips. They are more than willing to help each other if the need arises along the way.




This year their road adventures have been relatively trouble-free and they have taken some significant road trips as a group.




The lure of the open road in a vintage ride is their common bond and they have forged some strong friendships through the car hobby.




Their summer tours are their reward for long winter months spent inside working on their rides. These wintry hibernations from the road are also a time when they get together in a garage to work on one or more of their vehicles.




The rewards for these car guys and girls are found in their friendships and road trips. Their adventures often take place on the road less traveled because they firmly believe that it is not when you get there-it is how you get there.




‘And they get there in style every time with their retro rides.’


Jim Sutherland


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