We talk to a lot of car guys during the course of a year and most of them are hip to the Internet world.


Age is not a big factor in the equation because many nouveau e-world car guys raised their particular brand of hell a long time ago during their youthful adventures.


A typical car guy is also an innovator by the very nature of their hobby.


They realize that every road available to a part or information source is a good highway for them.


So a world- wide network like the Internet is a good route for a car guy to take on the way to a project’s completion. That is the innovative DNA kicking in for car guys, so they are willing to adapt to a new e-world for automotive sources just as readily as they adapted to phones, classified ads and Yellow Pages in the past.


Last weekend we encountered a car guy who clearly possessed a birth certificate from somewhere between the First and Second World Wars. It would have been decidedly impolite to make him break out ID to confirm his date of birth for this story, but you get the picture. He could easily remember when Sinatra was a young Bieber-style teen idol.


facebook phones


The man had an amazing restored vehicle that he had acquired and tweaked to his high level of expectations. He owned several vehicles and his usual route to buy and sell vintage cars and parts these days was via the Internet route.


He was from a bygone era when TV was a futuristic concept that was not very feasible to his generation when they were kids. He had seen the dawn of many scientific advances during his life and he embraced the new-tech world as it became available to him.




Consequently a convenient connection to the huge cyber world became another valuable tool for him. He was an innovator, like so many car guys, and that is likely why they are willing to learn a new way to do business.


He rattled off his e-world sources like a ten year old born into the ‘Net world and seemed surprised when we seemed surprised about his level of expertise.


We shouldn’t have been too surprised, because so many older people (including us) have acquired basic computer skills late in life- probably because computer world for the longer-in-tooth general public is a new concept to our lives.


It is clear that we are headed on a very straight road to a paperless world as e-readers get cheaper and more efficient for consumers. At mystarcollectorcar.com, it is the reason for our very existence as we take the fast ramp onto the information superhighway.




Thank you to car guys of all ages and both genders who regularly visit our e-zine as we head down the freeway to the online future of all publications.


The only things happier than us about the paperless online future of all publications are forests of grateful trees.


Jim Sutherland


ROBERT:”Hats off to anyone in that age bracket not being turned off to the new computer technology. I’m 62 and I know it took considerable pushing to get me on board. Now I think my wife wishes she had left me in the dark age. I’m all in baby!”

BERNARD:”Right-on article guys. Finding stuff for your Baby is a strong motivator to learn new supply systems. Vintage-era Jaspers can still show those young whippersnappers a thing or two.”


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