One of our most popular features is our car show events calendar.


The traffic growth with this MSCC feature has been nothing short of spectacular over the past few years.


We continue to add new shows every year because there are a lot of them held when the weather is warm.




That’s why an online link to car shows is a very effective tool for car show organizers because we can link to their website (if they have one and many do), plus we can update any new information about a show.


The process has given us an insight into the car show world and we would like to share some of the information about best way to host a successful car show.




The first thing to consider is the date of a car show because there are a few factors to consider when you host a show.


For instance, June is a tough month in our region because it can be a very wet month, thus a car show will be a roll of the dice for organizers.



We have fewer car shows in May because around here, that month can hold some unpleasant surprises that may even include snow in some cases.


The other factor is the day you choose for your show.


Most car shows are on Saturdays, presumably because the day allows Sunday as a travel day, but Saturday’s popularity can also work against you if several towns within a 100-mile radius plan car shows on the same Saturday.




For example, we have 10 car shows listed within about 100 miles of each other on Saturday of the Father’s Day weekend this year.


Rainy weather and too many shows on the same day may work against the organizers because car guys will have to make tough choices that weekend.




There are only so many vintage rides within the 100-mile radius with owners who are willing to show their rides at shows.


The simplest solution is clear: move shows to Sundays when there is a massive glut of shows within a 100-mile region on Saturdays.


There are fewer Sunday shows by a large margin on our calendar and we view these dates as an opportunity for organizers to host a show with less competition in many cases.


Plus they could send out a few local car guys to some of the Saturday shows in their region as good will ambassadors for their Sunday show.




Another consideration is the information provided by organizers about shows. Our annual calendar requires a lot of hard work on our part to obtain the right information about the car shows.


In many cases, we have to make many attempts to contact organizers to get the details because they have people who do not return phone calls or emails in a timely fashion.


We cannot change human nature but we can provide an avenue to showcase car events on the biggest online car events calendar in Canada.




We are always happy to add new shows to our calendar because every event is a celebration of past automotive glory and that is exactly what we are all about at MSCC.




Please let us know about your show and here’s the link to the MSCC Car Show calendar page.


Jim Sutherland

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