It has long been assumed that it is impossible to re-create the endless well of excitement found in every kid on Christmas Eve. We thought the same thing until we attended our first Reynolds Museum History Road car show last year.

Now we know that every June will have a car guy’s dream at the Reynolds Museum in Wetaskiwin Alberta Canada.

The museum itself is a world- class display of automotive and aviation history from over one hundred years of innovation.

The annual show is a salute to the automotive world, complete with many of Reynolds’ own vehicles and a huge display of privately owned vehicles that are an absolutely stunning collection of automotive history.


Our first instinct last year was to run around like recently beheaded chickens as we soaked up the sights and sounds of an overwhelming collection of cars and trucks from the glorious past.

We had a year to collect our composure and returned to the 2011 event with a sense of duty: we planned to collect as many photos and stories as we could humanly manage from the festivities.

We were still blown away by the diversity and quality of the vehicles in the show- and most of them were in private owners’ hands. We also loved the stories behind the vehicles that ranged from remarkably rare cars to remarkably rare car stories.

The story behind the car is our reason for existence at MSCC. We wanted to know why a guy rescued a rusty 1965 Comet (with no hood-let alone engine) from slow death in a pasture.


We also wanted the story behind an incredibly rare 1939 custom-built Rolls Royce that was driven by its owner to the show.Mission accomplished…


The cars and trucks were not always rare and expensive, but the personal stories behind them were unique to the owner; and that is the magic behind the stories as they presented themselves to us.

It is an incredible experience to witness the vehicles run around a small track in front of the large crowd of spectators. We had never seen a 1905 Cadillac in any thing other than a museum pose, so the sight, sound and exhaust smell of one running around the track will never be forgotten by us.


In the background was a biplane that was available for short passenger flights and it seemed so appropriate to see a vintage plane in flight over a collection of vintage vehicles.


We would like to thank the Reynolds Museum for their amazing annual vintage car show. It gives car guys a chance to re-live that annual Christmas excitement they felt as kids- and that is a tall order for adults.

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Stay tuned as we release our Reynolds car stories over the next year until the 2012 show.

Jim Sutherland

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