Here is my two cents on the topic “car shows” when to draw the line! I a gree with the writer that says a tricked out 98 chevy 4by 4 has no place at a classic car show. We all can’t enjoy the same things, if we did things would be BORING. However, the people putting the show together must stick to the cut off dates. I was a loyal attendant at that small town, big show event but I have not gone in over 4 years due to all the tuners,farmtrucks and people who think just because their ride is 25 years old “IT’s COOL” I do not think a 1984 anything fits in with a 69 Camaro or how about a 1959 Caddy. When I used to go to this town I would rent a room and eat two or three meals. Last year I attended a rod run in Kalispell Montana. Their cut off date was 1957 and it was enforced! In the persuit of more $$$$ it’s now a 1972 cut off. Nothing wrong with that . A few people I know are thinking of putting togeth er a restricted car show next summer for pre 64 cars. We wish not to offend any one, and we DO NOT think our cars are better,just different. OLD SCHOOL RULES!

The Rev.

Thanks Rev-couldn’t agree more.