For Sale: 1972 Dodge Duster.


Now that is an interesting car that never existed anywhere at any time.


Sure it sounds like a natural fit to the naked ear, but Dodge never built a Duster- despite highly misinformed conclusions to the contrary.


Most real car guys know that Dodge built a Demon model.


The Dodge Demon was essentially a slightly younger sibling of the Plymouth Duster model that hit the market and the two cars were similar in appearance in many ways.




The distinction between Dodge and Plymouth may seem inconsequential to fans of other car brands, but not to a dedicated Mopar guy. The confusion irks most dyed-in-the wool Chrysler guys in a big way. Think of a GTO or Riviera flying under a dismissive Chevy label and you get the picture.


I have seen numerous ads that want to sell a Dodge Fury over the years and I wince every time I see the ads. The first thing that springs to mind is a nagging suspicion that the car is junk because any attempt to register a Dodge Fury would be corrected at the vehicle registry in a hurry.




I simply assume that the idiot’s Dodge Fury is a rust bucket that he got for nothing, is not even close to roadworthy, and nobody has corrected him at the registry because he can’t register rusty junk that may or may not run.


He likely dragged his Dodge Fury or Duster out of a pasture for the mere price of his spare time and now he wants to sell his mislabeled reclamation project for much more that its actual value.


That is what I think every time a see a Dodge Fury or Duster for sale.


The fact that he has so little interest in the car to mislabel it will work against him when his Dodge Fury/Duster hits car ad pages and web pages.


Maybe the fact that the Dodge label was attached to their high sales volume pickup trucks for so many years worked the name into an overwhelming identity for the Chrysler products. These days Dodge trucks are called Ram trucks so maybe future car ads will feature Ram Dusters and Furys for sale.


Either way, I would recommend that sellers give Plymouth and even DeSoto brands their just dues when they place an ad with these non-Dodge Mopar siblings. Don’t call them all Dodges and they just might sell a car.


I cannot however explain the confused mind behind a Dodge Polaris (more accurately known as a Polara).




When did a car model become a snowmobile?


Jim Sutherland

More accurate car names are found here-https://www.mystarcollectorcar.com/