In most cases MSCC stories are about vehicles that are restored or are in the process of being restored.


That’s not the case every time-here’s a great example.

Cindy Feenstra still has her first vehicle but it’s in permanent retirement mode-just having the vehicle in her possession is enough-


“We all remember our first vehicles. How proud we were to drive it around the streets of our towns showing it off to everyone. The radio was busted and you had to rap on the dashboard to get the thing to start. The tires were bald, and the paint had faded, but it was our own.


It was this unique memory that started me as an artist down a road that would take me to places unknown and on new adventures.


My first vehicle had a little bit of a history. My Great Uncle John had purchased the bright red 1949 Studebaker truck from a dealership in Dawson Creek so he could tour around British Columbia.Some years later, Uncle John no longer needing the truck, sold it to my dad.



They lived on a ranch and the truck was used for many things such as hauling hay and rounding up the cows.



There were also 3 rowdy kids who used the truck for all their escapades. This is the vehicle I learned to drive. With my dad at my side sharing his stories of what he had done with the old 49’r, always reminding me “Don’t tell mom”.




Then the day came when I needed a vehicle to go to work and school. So at the age of 17 my dad turned over Old Faithful to me. Of course, by this time the truck no longer looked its illustrious self. I took the time to polish it to a shine and made a couple of girly touches like bright orange fuzzy dice hanging from the mirror, red fur on the dash board and a nice bright blue fuzzy seat cover. No one could miss it. I drove it all over the countryside. Here, there, and beyond. Everyone knew when my multicolored bucket of bolts blew by.”


Eventually Cindy moved on in life and the old Studebaker truck became a part of her past-“At this chaotic time in my life I felt I needed to escape for a while and get some perspective.  So, I loaded up the camper with my equipment and drove to a local campground to paint and reflect. I sat down to paint and while reminiscing of the days gone by the memory of my first vehicle sprang forth.


Even though I had been painting for years for my family and friends, it was not until recently with a wrench thrown into my life forcing me to change drastically. It was at this time I began to sell my works. Following in her Mom & Dad’s footsteps, I started off in the local flea markets and auctions.


With these memories in mind, I began to paint. As I painted I did not see the people gathering around me. It was a Show n’ Shine! So many admirers and many of them interested in having me capture their own precious first car memories.


It was from this moment that my life would take on a path. I have done many works of not only trucks and cars but scenery as well. I am always looking forward to new challenges and new adventures that life puts in my road.



The family truck is resting comfortably in a retired state but it remains as a constant reminder of Cindy’s first vehicle-


“Now, Old Faithful sits alone in a field overlooking the Bow River. The once beautiful 1949 Studebaker, is slowly rusting away, with memories of times gone by”.

Jerry Sutherland