The average car guy has a list of favorite years, makes, and models.


The loyalties tend to run deep and the reasons for the loyalties comprise a pretty big list.


We at mystarcollectorcar are not immune to personal loyalties, but we are also like sailors on shore leave.


We love ’em all.


The car loyalties can reach cultist levels for many old iron fans. It is a kind of loyalty that will ensure the continued existence of vehicles from the past as demand means that supply of restoration parts will continue to grow.


My brother Jerry will attest to the growth in after-market parts after he endured an early-90s era when parts were decidedly unavailable for his unusual project. He was completely floored by one exhibitor at a swap meet that had no sheet metal for Jerry’s project, and didn’t expect that situation would ever change-despite a large number of requests for parts.



The demand for body replacement parts finally reached smarter people than the exhibitor and now many components are available for Jerry’s former project.


The simple reason is that many more car guys have accepted the era and model into their lives. Born-again car guys if you will.


The important thing is that the big tent of car guys now has more members in the fold. Sure the culture of competition means that every car brand will have their own places of brand worship like clubs and forums. And they will gather under one brand to sing the praises of their car choices.


But car guys all operate under a common bond of car guy principles where everyone has a common denominator of affection for a bygone automotive era. A car show that features a particular brand will be well-received (and attended) by car guys from every other brand.



Plus car guys have always been willing to help out any car guy at a show that may need a little assistance. Vintage rides can be fairly quirky, but the make of vehicle absolutely does not prevent car guys from looking after another car guy with a different make.



That is the brotherhood of the car guy and why the old car culture is such a classy part of every community.


Jim Sutherland

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BOB:Bring your classic car into a garage for repairs and who knows what the bill will be. Break down at a car event or on the Power Tour and those same mechanics will jump in climbing over each other to get your classic car fixed and on your way. Most of the time at no charge”.