There is a serious movement underway in California to push extremely tough emission control laws on antique motor vehicles.


This would turn most collector cars into museum pieces.


You could still own a classic but you could only sit behind the steering wheel and go “vroom-vroom”… much like your days as a 5- year-old with many parental rules in your life.


Rules like this California legislation are not a good fit for car guys and it is highly doubtful that they will serve a useful purpose like your parents’ house rules did when you were a kid without a rule book.


This is one of those noble causes where people with an unnatural attraction to trees make enough noise to become a moral compass for the rest of us.


Unfortunately California carries a great deal of influence for future legislation right across North America. Collector vehicles represent a small fraction of vehicles on the road, but they represent 100% of our links with the past.


Most car guys own them to drive them and not to plant geraniums in them.


We’ve tied the collector car world into a larger concept with a crazy notion that one less 1965 Ford Galaxie means one less sunburn on a polar bear through one giant and decidedly insane leap of logic.

Our parents did know what was good for us when we were five.The same cannot be said for our new and unwanted eco- parents poised to drop the hammer on the collector car world.

There are millions of car guys in the world who need to voice their concerns about laws that will turn their classic cars into outlaws on the road. They need to fight legislation driven largely by hot air when it comes to collector cars because car guys are not the bad guys here- they are the victims.

Get behind your car brothers and sisters in California before their politicians turn the collector car world into a giant parking lot.

Jim Sutherland 


DENNIS:“The days when California was the “Gear Head” mecca of the country are long gone. It’s the “Air Head” capitol of the country now”.

BILLI:”Maybe Jay Leno should push Arnold over and have a seat.”