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Don Durand is truly a car guy but he had second thoughts about buying this survivor ’68 Chrysler 300 convertible.

Not the usual buyer’s remorse…

This was more like “kidnapping a family member” remorse.

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This is a documented one-owner 1968 Chrysler 300 and it had 49,000 miles on the odometer when Don drove it away a few years ago. He never expected the owner’s wife to burst into tears when the big Mopar drove away for the last time-that sucked some of the joy out of the experience.

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Her reaction was a testimony to just how deeply rooted this car was in the family tree. Most wives would help shove an old, impractical car out the door in a heartbeat. In actual fact, she had taken over the maintenance of this bubble-wrapped car by starting it periodically and driving it a few blocks-then it was back to a climate controlled garage.

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The car has most of its original equipment including a never used spare and jack. The big 300 even had its original redline tires but Don knew that 40 year old rubber-no matter how cool, is a bad idea at any speed over 27 miles per hour. The paperwork came with the car adding to the complete survivor package.

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Don has added a few more miles to the clock on the 300 but it remains a low mileage, nice day car in keeping with its impeccable heritage. Don admits that the big 440 TNT motor gets about 8 miles per gallon on the highway when the wind catches the big roof on the convertible but he’s happy with the class that comes with this topless 60s luxury barge.

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He’s going to hang on to the old classic so it’s clearly in good hands and he can be seen at the occasional car show or in a parade-weather permitting. Don gets this car-so much so that he doesn’t anticipate a tear-filled farewell in the near future.


Don wouldn’t put anybody through that painful experience…

Jerry Sutherland

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