We found this striking 1957 Fargo in a herd of vintage MoPar trucks at a Mopar car show.


Most of the herd was owned by the Scott family, specifically Ron Scott, a second generation Mopar man.


Ron makes no bones about his brand loyalty and he has clearly invested in his trucks because they are an affair of the heart for him.


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This purple 1957 Fargo Sweptside is a Canadian version of Dodge that was sold by Canadian Plymouth dealers as a specific brand. The main difference was the badge, but Fargo trucks are quite a conversation piece in collector circles. Bottom line-these are extremely rare beasts of burden.


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Ron’s modified ’57 is even more of a conversation piece because of its purple exterior and newer power train. But you won’t find a Chevy heart in this Fargo, Ron would probably blow up the truck in the north 40 before he put anything non-Mopar in his truck.




The truck has a 1978 Volare front end and a 318 to make it run down the road. Ron even chose a Plymouth parts donor in honor of the Fargo/Plymouth connection- or at least we assumed that to be true after a conversation with him.




We guessed that Ron has a penta-star shaped heart after a conversation with him. The seats also have a mandatory Mopar heritage because they were donated by a 2003 Neon.


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Sweptside pickups from the 50s are bound to draw attention because they are as rare as places to buy a black and white TV in 2011. Put a purple paint job on one and expect to draw crowds at car shows.


aug1157jim pix 259-1


Ron is used to all of the attention.


aug1157jim pix 261-1


He loves the look of his rare truck and is more than happy to explain his ownership: it’s in his genes.


Jim Sutherland

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