This might seem like an odd choice as a 24 Days of Christmas car, but vintage police vehicles are a really good, fun, low-end automotive investment.


‘A retired police car is an entry-level muscle car with all the handling and heavy-duty equipment of a high-end domestic performance version from the same manufacturer.’


Plus they really get attention.


Manufacturers used to compete heavily for the title of the ultimate police car-it was a barely concealed fact that the Chrysler 440 motors found in early 70s Dodges and Plymouth Highway Patrol cars were absolute monsters.


The big blocks could push those giant sedans well past 150 miles per hour with ease, so your average Road Runner at the time would have been a speck in the rear view mirror-or a guy with a big problem in front of a police-spec Fury.


The other big factor is that these ex-police cars are publicity magnets–people are drawn to them like moths to a flame. There are many scenarios-some guys drove them, some guys rode in the back seat but every story is interesting.


Park something like this big 70s Dodge in the middle of 20 ‘Cudas or Challengers at a Mopar show and the old cop car will be the center of that universe every… single… time.


Drive an ex-police car anywhere and watch the reaction from the public (most places make civilians cover the lights and door patches) but the car still oozes authority, so there’s always a bit of doubt from your fellow drivers.


Even 427 Corvettes don’t get that reaction.


The bottom line on the ex-police car-it’s an affordable muscle car with an interesting past. Merry Christmas.


Jerry Sutherland


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DENNIS:”My Mrs. white, “plain Jane” Impala looks much like an undercover Cop car. It’s got it’s advantages. When I come flying up on the back of some slow poke in the left lane, they usually move to the right”.

RYAN:”thats cool… speaking of retro police cars, my next drawing is a 57 fury nevada state police car. its dusty, and parked outside of an alien themed diner in a small desert town near area 51.”