The backbone of mystarcollectorcar is the average guyChallenger Dave is the truest example of the average guy… He bought the ’74 after a long search.

‘Dave was working within a budget and he found this Challenger just before the Mopar pony car prices went through the stupid barrier.’

Even then he came up a little short on the price…

There was a typo in the ad so Dave showed up 400 bucks light on the agreed price.The seller was on a wife-ordered clearance sale due to the eternal struggle between enthusiastic car guy and not so enthusiastic bride but he wouldn’t budge on the 400 dollars.

Thanks to a kind brother in law who lived in the big city Dave took the car home.That’s the kind of brother in law who deserves a birthday card for the next 50 years. Dave had a very strict budget so he scrounged around to save valuable currency on the car. That’s familiar territory for 90% of car guys. He found a 4-barrel carb that was originally on a 69 Dart 340 motor so the sensible, thrifty 2-barrel that came with the 318 was dumped.

But the 318 stayed.

Yup, Dave kept the original smog-era 318 as part of his realistic budget plan and this car can do a smoke show second to none at a near stock level. His buddies still don’t know how he wrings that kind of power out of such an unassuming motor but that fact is he does.

dave chlnger-1

Plus he has one of the world’s most functional collector cars-he puts so many miles on the yellow Gerald Ford era Challenger that he hand built a trailer to tow behind it. 

It’s a low 2-person unit designed for next to no drag so Dave can get the best gas mileage and save on accommodations at shows.

The little trailer has all the toys-Hi-Def TV, sound system, beer fridge and a full size bed.Who needs a Super 8 Motel when you can haul your home behind you and still get 20 miles per gallon?

‘That’s how guys like Dave roll- in a great car world that doesn’t hammer his wallet.’

Jerry Sutherland