There are many different ways to play in the car hobby.


‘Personal philosophies may vary greatly when it comes to old rides and MSCC wants to sort out the different kinds of car guys (girls) found in the hobby based strictly upon their choices.’


The first people on our list are the stock guys.




They like the old rides in that Billy Joel kind of way: Just the way they are-to paraphrase the famous Piano Man. These car guys like the historical side of the hobby and are drawn to the originality of the cars.




These car guys want to preserve history in its purest form and do not want to alter the past with present day changes to the vintage rides.




They are content to leave their vehicles within the boundaries of the time when the cars were new and completely respect the engineering from a bygone era found in the vehicles.




These kinds of car guys are unassuming by nature and are typically quiet older guys who have an emotional connection to the vintage rides via an influential person from their younger days.




The person is usually an older family member from the generation before them who owned a signature car during that bygone era.





Another distinct group in the car hobby is the resto mod crowd. These are the car guys who like the old school style on the vintage rides, but want the antique vehicles to perform like a new car.




Many of the changes take place under the old skin and include serious upgrades to the power-train, chassis, brakes and steering. The vehicles retain the same outer style and offer all the creature comforts of new cars in many cases.




The resto mod car guys want to build an ultra-reliable car that will get them from Point A to Point B– at Warp Drive if the spirit moves them.




These type of car guys are usually well into middle age, but still young enough to want to put plenty of miles behind the wheel of their resto mods. The resto mod car guys are a little more outgoing and not afraid of high speed adventures in their altered rides.




The extreme form of resto mod is a full blown street monster that is barely legal. These are beastly rides that are meant to be driven loud and proud-a quarter mile at a time. The owners of these extreme resto mods are thrill seekers who want to make a high octane impression in life and they are as bold as their cars are fast and loud.





Custom guys are the artists in the car hobby. They want to make a personal statement with their rides and they are willing to chop, channel and mold their way to a brand new creation.





They take an old ride from Detroit and sculpt out a classic work of art.





Custom rides go with the flow and give new curves to old sheet metal because a custom builder is actually an artist with a creative vision.




Our final car guy category is arguably the most influential group because old school hot-rodders are the rock stars of the car hobby. They are talented guys who know their way around a car project and started wrenching on vehicles shortly after they got out of diapers.





Hot-rodders knew about power to weight ratios before they could recite the alphabet and have forgotten more than most of us mere mortals will ever learn about rides.




They were minimalists who get maximum results from their efforts. They built some of the coolest rides in the hobby and they did it on a junkyard budget. They were the wild young punks with the fastest rides in a bygone era and now they are folk heroes for the next generation.





‘Old school hot-rodders are the cool cats of the car hobby and they earned that title on the street a long time ago.’


Jim Sutherland


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