MyStarCollectorCar celebrated its 10th anniversary earlier this year on April 2, 2019.  A decade is plenty of time to grow into one of Canada’s largest online e-zines dedicated to the vintage vehicle hobby and our new platform proves we want to move into the future with our articles about retro rides.

    WordPress is once again our runaway choice for a website platform because so many major North American publications have chosen WordPress for their online editions. Our biggest decision was our platform choice from WordPress and we researched all of the platform options for many months before we moved ahead with our decision.

    MyStarCollectorCar chose the same WordPress platform used by the big dogs in North American newspapers and magazines for their online editions because it would be familiar and efficient for our readers.

    Our choice will mean even better formatting for print and photos-without any highly annoying pop-up ads or videos. We are not quite sure which marketing genius decided slowing down websites with distractions would help sell products and ideas, but they deserve permanent unemployment and a slap in a big way.

    It’s no secret MyStarCollectorCar is driven by ad revenue-but we absolutely do not believe our ad customers are well-served by annoying pop up advertising that gets directly in the way of the ad’s effectiveness-an ad format that likely inspires readers to try out their profanity playbook about these unnecessary website slowdowns. 

    Our ads are also link ads that allow access to the client’s own website by clicking on the pretty pictures in the ads. The ads are both effective and will not suddenly hijack the site with an unwanted pop-up or video.

    We have added a variety of new features to our site because we are now essentially an e-zine and we wanted to present our daily article as the biggest feature on our front page. MyStarCollectorCar will continue to provide a brand new article every day of the year in this “Today at MyStar” position where its sheer size will make it easy to spot.     

    We also added a “Trending Now” feature below our new MyStarCollector masthead on the front page.  Trending Now will showcase our newest stories, along with a long list of popular articles from MyStarCollectorCar’s large library of car hobby material. They will all be linked to the actual Trending Now article if our readers click on them as the articles scroll past and catch their attention.

    One of the subtle improvements to MyStarCollectorCar’s overall presentation will be visual because our photos will be even sharper and more flexible in terms of formatting them into an article where we will use this new feature to enhance our e-zine style.

    Incidentally, the small magnifying glass on the right side at the top of the front page is a search tool to sift through the thousands of articles MyStarCollectorCar has generated over the years. Click on the magnifying glass to advance into your search through our archives.

    Welcome to the new MyStarCollectorCar world. You are part of the newest evolution of our e-zine.

    BY: Jim Sutherland

    Jim Sutherland is a veteran automotive writer whose work has been published by many major print and online publications. The list includes Calgary Herald, The Truth About Cars, Red Deer Advocate, RPM Magazine, Edmonton Journal, Montreal Gazette, Windsor Star, Vancouver Province, and Post Media Wheels Section.