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zom imgp5626


The Walking Dead is one of the hottest properties on TV because zombies have a huge fan base.


We can’t get enough of these merciless eating machines even though we (humans) are their primary source of protein.


The Walking Dead world is a perpetual fight for survival so the question is what are the best vehicle options to survive this gruesome scenario?



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Most observers would grab the newest, biggest truck they could find and hit the road in comfort and style. Hapless undead who get in the way would be a mere speed bump for a brand new, giant, diesel powered, 4×4 one-ton. There’s a good chance GPS would still work for a time so you’d never get lost.


That’s how things would go in the infancy of this Walking Dead lifestyle but what happens a few months later when the gas or diesel starts getting stale? You’re going to be in a world of hurt when the high tech electronics in that new truck starts rejecting this old gas.



You’ll need to go back in time to find something that will run on less volatile gas and you’re going to find a great candidate in a flathead Ford. These low compression V-8s are the perfect answer for old fuel because they’ll run on octane so low you could barely start a charcoal barbeque with it.


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Find a shoebox Ford from the late 40s or early 50s. Chain your doors to keep them closed because those old latches were a little suspect so a motivated zombie can’t pull them open.


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These old Fords are simple, basic machines so you’ll always be able to limp them along even in the most adverse conditions. Your only serious threat will be a hot day and the dreaded vapor lock at the wrong time.


Dodge Power Wagons are another solid bet for a few reasons. They came with six cylinder flatheads so the low compression rule applies but these are flat-out brute force machines. Try and find one with a winch because you might end up in a dicey situation where a posse of undead wants to turn you into an all-day buffet.


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The upside to an old Power Wagon is obvious. You’ll be able to through or over a horde of undead like a hot knife in butter because these trucks are high clearance with a bull low gear and massive front bumpers. You’re going to smash through the walkers like a 325 pound defensive lineman on a Pop Warner football team.


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But you’re going to do it at low speed because these old Power Wagons top out far below the average minimum speed on a freeway, plus you’ll want to haul a lot of extra fuel because these are thirsty beasts. The hot day vapor lock rule applies too plus you’ll want to secure your doors with a chain because there’s not much between you and Mr. Undead.


Another great candidate for a Walking Dead ride is a classic era late 40s early 50s Chevy pickup with the venerable inline six. They’re a little more sophisticated than a flathead but you can’t kill these basic old trucks and they’ll run on crappy gas too.


Try and find one with a three on the tree manual so you’ll get the best combination of a low end gear with a drivable top end and don’t grab one that’s been lowered. You’re going to need more than a belly scraping stance to drive over walkers.


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The downside is the linkage tends to get a little unhinged on these old manual transmissions so they won’t shift but you can open the hood, pound on it and still get inside the cab before you get snowed under a zombie horde.


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The secret to success in a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies is found in simplicity. Go back to the basics with your weapons, live like a nomad and find an old ride.


The Walking Dead will never catch you.


Jerry Sutherland

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