daytona ten reasons

daytona ten reasonsThis topic is completely hypothetical but…

These would likely be the only reasons why a car race would finish ahead of a generous amount of affection:

The first reason is that the driver who finishes first is always the winner. He gets a trophy and a lot of cash to come in first in the Daytona 500.

The second reason is that many people are happy that one guy has finished first. In fact, many people are willing to celebrate his success by breaking out the champagne with the guy who finishes first.

The third reason is that most Daytona 500 races are close races, so second place finishers are usually only seconds behind the winner. They are not quite as happy about not finishing first, but they at least know that they can finish a close second and have a real shot at first next time.

The fourth reason is that Daytona 500 races take a long time to complete, no matter who wins the race.

The fifth reason is that all drivers must wear adequate protection or risk disqualification from the race. There are no exceptions to this rule under any circumstances.

The sixth reason is that high risk drivers know that their high risk behavior will result in problems that involve other drivers who may not want to be involved in their high risk behavior, but get drawn into the problem/accident anyways.The results are always obvious in a car crash.

The seventh reason is that a Daytona 500 is always a marathon and a sprint in one race. Most Daytona 500 winners know how to pace themselves with a consistent pace during the race and a fast finish toward the checkered flag victory lap.

The eighth reason is that Daytona 500 drivers are always willing to take advice to improve their chances of finishing first without any anger about the advice.

The ninth reason is that Daytona 500s are won by drivers who improve their performance from experience as well as peak personal mental and physical conditioning.

The tenth reason is that the Daytona 500 is just the first in a series of close intense races that will take place throughout the year. And there is no chance that just one driver will win every one of them and finish first every time.

The field is wide open for new winners every time in car races.


TREVOR:”That was the most boring Daytona I’ve ever watched. They promised more action, I had a hard time staying awake.Just my opinion!  Later”

SENNY:””Do you guys need a reason to think so….;)”