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There are two groups of people who hate rain with a passion: soon-to-be-brides and car show organizers.


Brides may get the nod because they only have one opportunity to pull off their event while car show people may have a backup plan in case of rain.


June is the cruelest month for rain in our area but it is also a very popular month for both weddings and car shows, despite the meteorological crap shoot for both parties.


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Weddings in June will have an indoor Plan B or a tent to stave off the rainy day blues.


Car shows organizer will simply cancel the event because they know most car guys would rather have their appendix removed with a spoon- and without anesthesia- than take their cars out in a June monsoon.


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Car shows are also a social event and few people want to sit outside in the rain during the festivities.


So what are the car show organizers going to do when it comes to rainy days? Some choose to forgo the event completely and try again next year. The solution is patience and hope that next year will be sunny and warm.


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We know one show that had terrible luck with weather and should have moved their event to drought-stricken regions where their rainmaker talent would be appreciated by grateful farmers. Instead they moved the show to a dryer summer month and have enjoyed better luck with the weather.


The downside is they have not yet enjoyed the kind of entry numbers they experienced when they had sunny days for the former date. The new date conflicts with other well-established shows that have a longer history on the new calendar date.


Some car shows have backup dates for rained-out shows and will use their Plan B as a safety net. The best Plan B would use Sunday as a backup date in our opinion, with a focus on the same weekend if the weather changes overnight.


Sundays are not a typical day for car shows, but some show organizers use them for their 100-foot shootouts or 1/8 mile races as part of their car show weekend. Most people are familiar with these race terms but, for those who may not have heard of them, they are short distance drag races.


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A 100-foot shootout can be held on a street while the 1/8 mile races are typically held on an actual track or local small airport runway because much more can happen when drivers hit higher speeds in the 1/8 mile scenario.


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The races have become a big draw for both participants and spectators who want to see these rides do what they do best: melt tires and make lots of noise along the way without fear of a giant traffic citation for their behavior.


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Car shows and weddings are both a tricky business when it comes to weather but at least the car shows have a chance to do it over under sunny skies.


Maybe even the next day which might be Sunday.


Jim Sutherland

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