Hearses lose their curb appeal when they are retired from active service. People associate them with their primary hauling job and they find it difficult to shake that funeral vibe about the cars. But somebody has to own an old hearse and Lee White is that guy.

Lee bought a retired Cadillac hearse to solve his transportation needs and the funeral flyer was a practical choice for the young guy. It has a lot of rear cargo space (for obvious reasons) and Lee can use it like a pickup truck with a topper.

He has turned the corner on his car’s former occupation and views it as an affordable mode of transportation. He appears to be alone in this philosophy when it comes to the residents and management of his mother’s condo.

His former bone wagon has been thrown off the property by the condo dictators.

They say it was due to popular demand.

The ban includes a street that runs in front of the place. The unloved hearse is a hot button issue that could also get Lee’s mother thrown out of her place if her kid disobeys the order. It seems like a pretty big deal over a ridiculous situation, but that is the basic story of the hearse and the condominium commandos.

There was a day when hearses were very popular as a set of wheels for hippies and /or musicians after the hearses’ hereafter hauling days were behind them. Neil Young made a tribute song to the 1948 Buick hearse that transported him from gig to gig before he was famous. The car blew up in the middle of a road trip, so Neil had to leave it behind. But he never forgot it, and ‘Long May You Run’ is about that old hearse.

Lee’s problems are less mechanical and clearly more philosophical for his hearse. The idea of a hearse sitting in the condo parking lot obviously hits to close for some residents. Maybe it’s a little like the Grim Reaper Cab Company idling in the condo loading zone for squeamish condo dwellers. And that is not a cab you want to flag down anytime soon.

But this story boils down to one important fact: This is an incredibly stupid story. Lee should be able his Caddy in the condo parking lot and the people opposed to his car should ask for a thicker skin this Christmas.

Sooner or later, a hearse is not going to matter to them-especially if they are riding in the back of one that is not retired.


DENNIS:”Condo Nazis” strike again”.

DENNIS:When I was in my teens my best friend had a Hearse and I had the vehicle to drive due to Harry needing my car (53 Chevy) for various reasons. I also lived with my parents in an apartment and would sometimes park the hease there. My mother hated the vehicle and would complain to me but would not forbid its being there nor would the apartments other residents. I would tell my Mom that sooner or later everybody would get a ride in one. We had alot of fun with the vehicle but eventually we blew the motor. They were very low geared cars and we ran it up the highway too fast. The motor parts (1953 Caddy) were rare and expensive. I remember the day Harry went to get the vehicle insured. The insurance man was older and asked “what is the make and model Harry?” “Its a 53 Caddilac station wagen, Mr Kennedy” “What color” Harry said “Black Mr Kennedy” The insurance man started to continue writing on his paper, then looked at Harry visibly starteled. “Harry its a Hearse” Harry looked Mr Kennedy in the eye and said “I’m not planning on using it for commercial use Mr Kennedy so its Just a really fancy black station wagen now”. Maybe the unfortunate Young man should explain this to the people in his apartment.