SEPTEMBER 1, 2009 MY STAR REVISITED 1967 Plymouth Belvedere 2-The Torch is passed



The original owner of this mid-sized Plymouth was an older lady.

‘She bought this slightly upscale model brand new and like most owners of the 318 V-8 ran it for many trouble-free years.’

Her dying wish was for a young person to buy the car and bring it back to its former glory.

Those were very honorable intentions but in reality the ’67 Plymouth was a mess.

Most realistic buyers would have parted it out and consigned what was left to a future as a new washing machine. Clint Schiffner was the perfect buyer because even though he is a young guy he followed the late owner’s wishes to the letter.

But not without major transplant surgery.

He also had a very skilled body man father, connections with one of the best Mopar parts families in the Pacific Northwest and a ton of personal mechanical talent. It took all of that and more to preserve the dying wishes but the result is a very nice 1967 Belvedere II.The original car represents a small percentage of the current car but Clint has a ride that he is truly happy to drive.

This car is not a trailer queen-Clint thinks nothing of a 1000 mile round trip weekend in the Belvey. Clint has some future plans for the car including installing a 1973 340 and adding dog dish hub-capped 15-inch cop wheels but right now this ’67 Plymouth is still seeing the open road on a very regular basis.

Clint’s only regret?

Too many lectures from older Mopar purists who object to his removal of factory trim.

‘After the unbelievable amount of work it took Clint to keep this car from becoming a future soup can he believes that he’s way past the point where he has to defend his role in honoring a dying wish.’

Jerry Sutherland