We live in a small Canadian city of about 100,000 people where things have changed over the past few decades.


Crime is a much bigger issue because the city has experienced serious growing pains due to a healthy oil-based economy.


We have a serious drug problem in our city and have recently welcomed a new supplier in the form of a notorious Mexican gang, even though we have one country (United States) between us and Mexico.



The stakes are high and the chronic drug users are more desperate than ever to feed their habits, so property crimes have gone through the roof over the past 20 years.


I can recall an incident where a guy was trying to break into the place I worked before we had even left the building in the late 90s. Lowlifes are impatient or stupid-either way they are hard to love.


All of this preamble brings me to my car point: lowlifes target cars for theft on a painfully regular basis in our city.


In fact, about two cars a day are stolen in our city and most are trashed during the commission of more crimes, or just trashed for sport.


Some cars are sold to third world countries with zero control over imported vehicles, while others are chopped for parts.


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The stolen cars have a grim future once these lowlifes target them and the chances of recovery of an intact car are slim. Even a joyride car will likely have serious damage because these maggots have a completely broken moral compass.


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We at MSCC are always willing to help when a car guy loses a vintage ride, so we will share photos and information about the vehicle immediately after we receive it with our reader base at no cost to the victim.


The chances are slim, but there are plenty of car guys who will do whatever they can to help recover a stolen classic ride. We had an incident before Christmas where one of our local car guys had a family treasure stolen from his rural property.


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The car in question was purchased brand new in the early 70s by the current owner’s grandfather and has enjoyed a long pampered existence in one family.


There is no price tag for a car with deep family roots because this car has been center stage for multi-generational weddings, among other things.


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The car was everything for one family and meant nothing to the lowlife who broke into the storage facility and stole it from its owner. We were appalled, but not surprised, by the theft and immediately circulated the story to every source within a hundred mile radius of our community.


We had no great expectations about the car’s recovery, but we wanted to at least try and help recover a priceless family heirloom. The owner and his family made numerous phone calls to everyone who knew the car and, for once, luck was on their side when a young car guy spotted the car in traffic and followed the thief into a trailer park.



The police in our town are besieged with crime files and are unable to cope with their current workload, so they were initially unable to provide assistance to the young guy who spotted the stolen car.


Eventually somebody was able to contact a police officer who was a personal friend and the now-abandoned car was recovered for the owner.




The thief was not arrested, but the quick work of a local car guy made this story a happy ending for its grateful owner. A mint condition classic car on winter roads in our area is not common, so it was clear the lowlife was not a genius by the typical definition of the term.


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This was just another lazy ne’er do well with a poorly planned crime. We ask anybody who has their classic ride stolen by lowlifes to get the word out immediately-if not sooner.


You may get your own happy ending to these all-too-frequent sad stories.


Jim Sutherland

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