We at MSCC are absolutely not afraid to admit that we do not know everything when it comes to the old school world of cars and trucks.


We rely heavily upon the information given to us by the proud owners of older vehicles and assume that the information given to us is accurate because most of the time it is an accurate interview with the owners.





Our mandate at MyStarCollectorCar is to educate ourselves with every story and share the information with our readers. We ride on their shoulders and use their knowledge to educate ourselves and our readers in the collector vehicle culture. That is how things work in a perfect world but not the real world where mistakes can be occasionally be made during the information-gathering process.


The fact is that almost all of the information provided by the owners is accurate because most of them are interested enough in the vehicle to research the car or truck, if for no other reason than an effort to obtain parts for the rebuild process.




Sure there are some onlookers at car shows who are not necessarily concerned with accurate information and simply shovel with both hands about the cars they see in front of them, but they are simply white noise and pretty obvious to serious car guys in a cartoonish sort of way. We make a very concerted effort not to spend much time with the know-it-alls who have never even owned a vintage ride because we like to be fact-based when we write our stories.




However we have encountered situations where the information provided by the actual owner is a little off-kilter and we inevitably hear from somebody with the real scoop on the story. The owner may be misinformed or just had a momentary lapse in memory when we interviewed him or her.


We actually encourage the corrective feedback from our readers because we are at least smart enough to acknowledge that we do not know everything there is to know about the old rides. But we are more than willing to make every day another opportunity to learn another lesson about the old iron in automotive world.


Sgt Joe Friday used to admonish people with his signature “Just the facts “phrase when they wandered away from accuracy and the topic on the old Dragnet TV series. We respect that crusty old TV cop and would also like to add the signature Dean Martin TV show phrase into the mix: “Just keep those cards and letters coming in folks”. These days it’s much easier to replace the letters with an email to MSCC when our facts are not up to Joe Friday standards.




So let us know what we need to know when you spot something amiss in our stories.


The beauty of an online e-zine is that we can go behind the scenes and correct our mistakes and you definitely cannot do that in an old school print magazine.


Jim Sutherland

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