1969 Chargers were cool from the day they left the factory and the popularity never ebbed for these incredible Mopars.


The Dukes of Hazzard TV show took the Charger to another level…a cult-like level.


This particular Charger took the option package to an unseen level.


69 imgp8220


Peter Swainson is a guy who lives and breathes classic Mopars in between his role at Southside Dodge where he sells much newer Chrysler products.


He’s owned a few incredibly rare cars over the years including a pink ’70 Dodge Charger but this ’69 Charger is one of his most prized possessions.


Peter explained the process behind the hunt for this particular Charger: “I missed it about 15 years ago, it was in Missouri and it was originally a California car. I always kicked myself for missing this one back then”.


69 imgp8217


Many observers may wonder why Peter would get that excited about a relatively common car like a ’69 Charger but he explained the difference with this one: “I wanted this one because this is a factory sunroof car. It’s a column shift car because it’s a gentleman’s muscle car”.


69 imgp8219


Peter is an expert on Mopars so he knows why and how certain things were done back at the factory in 1969 and he explained the roof on his Charger: “Sunroofs all had to have a vinyl roof because they had to cover the imperfections in the roof after it was installed. The other thing is they matched the roof to the stripe if they had that option”.


This is a 440 big block car and that fits right in with the RT persona but it’s also a fairly benign car because it was clearly ordered by a guy who wanted a mildly conservative big block Charger. Peter is particularly impressed with the option list on this car: “It’s got absolutely everything for options”.


69 imgp8216


Peter’s Charger is a true survivor and he’s particularly impressed with the little things: “It’s even got the original hood pad and the rest of the car is immaculate. The vinyl roof was almost changed but I’m really glad it wasn’t. The specs when they built these cars weren’t all that consistent back then but this car really represents a factory build”.


69 imgp8213


This car was surrounded by car guys when it showed up at a car gathering and they were fascinated by the odd options combinations on this bone stock Charger. Peter patiently explained to more than one guy that he didn’t cut a roof in the car to add the roof and that definitely added to the mystique.


69 imgp8231


Peter is the kind of owner who likes to get his old rides out on the road because that’s where the real magic is for a car guy. He believes in taking a run behind the wheel of cars like this because car guys like the go better than the show and this ’69 Charger has been magic for Peter.


The key to this relationship is the simplicity behind it and it’s found in Peter’s future plans for the Charger:


“I just love it, I wouldn’t do anything different to it”.


Jerry Sutherland

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