I saw a segment on a popular car show that featured a unique set of wrenches.


Now I realize that most car shows are essentially car tips wrapped around an ad.

I can accept that because I have actually discovered some great products by this method.


However, the pitch got a little muddled for me when I saw a set of camouflage tools on a car show segment.


The wrenches actually made sense when they where presented in their shiny chrome conventional tool look they had a built-in LED light to illuminate the target nut or bolt. Guys like me need as much light shed on any repair situation as possible. We need every advantage to make even the simplest of repairs.


But where is the advantage to camouflage on tools? The product was presented as an advantage to outdoorsman in their pursuit of fish or game. I would assume that camouflage colors would be absolutely necessary if you did a brake job in front of an elk herd.


The camouflage is overkill in most situations outside of a Humvee repair in a war zone where a glint from a chrome tool may draw hostile fire. Any possible protection in these conditions is a justifiable reason.


But the average guy in a non-war zone may want to think twice about camo on his wrenches. Most of us have an uncanny ability to drop wrenches in the worst possible circumstances. It’s nature’s most effective way to elevate your blood pressure and force you to rely heavily on that other vocabulary when you lose a tool.



A camouflaged tool would make the prospect of finding the tool even more remote in an area where repairs take place on something other than concrete. The game of hide- and- seek between you and the lost (and heavily camouflaged) ½ inch wrench will not be a pleasant experience. It might even replace water boarding as a form of banned torture.


The light on tools is a great idea. But I would forget about the camouflage and add a microchip to the tool that says, ” Come and find me you stupid bastard” when it gets lost.


At least we would have a sporting chance to find it.


Jim Sutherland @mystarcollectorcar.com

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MARK:”Maybe my tools are already camouflaged?  I never seem to find the right tool when I need it”.

ROBERT:”Camouflaged tools ? What next camo nuts and bolts. Everybody hates those shiny little buggers when they go flying around the garage !”