Herbie the Love Bug versus Christine – The angriest 58 Fury in the world



Herbie the Love Bug

Herbie the Love Bug was a 1965 Volkswagen Beetle starring in a Walt Disney movie. As we all know the Beetle was right up there with newborn puppies  on the loveable chart. Herbie was an underdog so he was naturally attracted to the underdog guy played by legendary Disney actor/good guy Dean Jones.Herbie was a good guy, the babes loved him and he kicked the liver out of race-prepared Ferraris, Porsches and Jaguars on the track.


How can you possibly beat a combination like that?

If you crossed Herbie the worst he did was give you a little nudge or squirt some oil on your shoes. Get him really angry and he might shove you off the road but that was it. The little car had a sense of honor.He was the last of the nice-guy haunted cars. Herbie had such a positive image that Volkswagen embraced the whole Love Bug marketing thing like a mother holding onto a drowning child.

They pumped out thousands and thousands of those little striped #53 Bugs and to this day they still get the big bucks as collector cars. How can you not like an icon?




That‚Äôs easy. But I think the real reason that you identify with the Bug¬†is that you¬†rolled a Herbie when you were 16-it’s way past¬†the¬†time to¬†file that memory under the heading “bad driving”.

Icons come and go but Christine was the meanest, nastiest 58 Fury ever seen on the face of the earth- trust me Chrysler isn’t going to cash in on cute with this car.

This was a bad-ass car and the best thing you could do was always be on side with this menacing finned Plymouth. Girls may not want to hug the car but they sure respect it in the morning.

The only thing Christine asked for was unswerving loyalty-nothing less. Failing that got you invited to a human-mulching party.

Pretty basic rules.

This wasn’t feel-good hug me I’m cute Walt Disney stuff. This was a brute that had bad guys looking over their shoulders every second of every day.

Trust me-Christine was blood red for a reason