Herbie the Love Bug versus Christine – The ANGRIEST 58 Fury in the world PT.3



Loyalty? What kind of loyalty involves mangled bodies, major property damage and an army of investigators aimed directly at Arnie, the poor schlep owner who’s only real crime was being so stupid he dumped a babe that was clearly way out of his league.

What was he thinking?

He sure hadn’t checked himself out in Christine’s mirror otherwise he would have thanked every loser piece of luck he had to bag one of the best looking girls in the history of movie high school babes.


That plus the fact that Arnie didn’t mind that Christine aimed every cop within 500 miles at him.Look at the evidence. Blood red car owned by high school nerd runs down his favorite lowlife bullies in a gruesome drive-by mangling and nobody’s going to think of Arnie. Arnie’s only defense was that he “wasn’t there” or he was out of town.

Somebody better get this guy OJ Simpson’s’ first legal team ASAP.I’d be fitting him up for a death row team jersey in 30 seconds.Thanks Christine.

Please sir may I have some more?

By the way you own a fin car so… you don’t see a built-in bias?You were a stubborn kid and now you’re a stubborn middle-aged guy


Sure I’m a fin car guy but there’s no bias-the problem with your argument is that this is a mean nasty non-Disney world.

Herbie offers some kind of warm and cuddly solution where people get dirty but not hurt yet we’re living in a world where a Glock 9 millimeter handgun is considered too underpowered so usually they stick them with police forces.

For example that English scumbag that made Dean Jones world a lot worse needed a lot more than a few squirts of oil on his shoes.That bad guy was playing for keeps.

That why he needed to spend a good old fashioned terror-filled, blood-pounding, lung-bursting last few seconds of life in a desperate futile sprint in front of an enraged demonic finned monster.That’s the way it is in the real world. Herbie was looking at a future as a brand new fridge thanks to this British creep and the best he came up with was a wimpy slap in the face.Christine was a tough street car.


Herbie was a sissy…