I live in Red Deer Alberta Canada, a small western Canadian community of about 90,000 people that may be a contender for old school ride champion of the world.

This past Sunday afternoon-August 28 2011 provided a solid argument for the title.

I was less than five minutes into the afternoon when I spotted a 1957 Chevy in traffic. There is no better way to display this iconic 50s offering from the General than in regular traffic.


Classics like a ’57 Chevy stand out on the street like a penguin in a flock of chickens, and they are not alone in this concept. Red Deer was brimming with old school rides on Sunday afternoon that ran the gamut from crazy resto-mod fast to crazy original and dangerously high on the cool meter.


These car guys were definitely groovin’ on that Sunday afternoon. Two hours later we had witnessed over 20 vehicles from days past on our city streets, and every driver looked pretty happy behind the wheel.


One interesting addition to an interesting afternoon was a vintage kit car that resembled an antique Bugatti racer. It was a VW kit car from 1960 that had become a classic reminder of the early roots of this 60s fad.


The spokesman for the car had used it as part of a wedding that also featured a 1928 Dodge. We will have more on this story in February 2012 for our Valentine’s features.

The oldest king of the street was an unmodified Model A that attracted a lot of attention from curious onlookers that rarely see these cars in modern traffic.


Over 20 vehicles in a span of about two hours-that reminded me that most car guys love to drive what they own in Red Deer. It is not a trailer-queen free zone, but most owners like to get behind the wheel and enjoy the ride.


This year a weekly Thursday evening drop-in car show in Red Deer has battled the weather. The organizers should have considered a move to a serious drought zone where their unfortunate luck with weather could serve the forces of good.


But a recent Thursday where weather was not a factor produced nearly 400 vehicles for their show and underlined their pressing need for their move to a bigger parking lot.

The vintage cars and trucks look spectacular at these shows, but nothing says cool quite like a Sunday afternoon where the old iron rules the streets of my town.


Thank you ladies and gentlemen of the car brotherhood and sisterhood, you made my day in a way that Dirty Harry can only envy.

To set the mood-Groovin by the Young Rascals-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rkgozdtsh_g

Jim Sutherland

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