The MSCC Dogs in Cars feature has a massive following in the world of canines for one simple reason.


Dogs love car rides.


If dogs can get a lobby group formed thanks to the efforts of MyStarCollectorCar, then their simple world is a better place.

Dogs are a common sight at car shows so this guy looked pretty comfortable in the shotgun seat of a traditional rat rod. He didn’t have a “come over and scratch my head” vibe, but you have to amp up your tough guy look when you’re in the cab of a rattie.




This canine buddy looked a little less intense. In fact, you could call this look a mixture of mild interest in the outside world with “where the hell is my master?” and “I just woke up”.




This fur-ball was in the front seat of a classic 1968 Road Runner but the car meant nothing to him He could have been in the front seat of a Subaru or a stagecoach but the key is the window seat.




Here’s another example. This guy has a big Corvette rear window lifted up for his comfort and convenience but the key is the fresh air and lots of new people. He was a goodwill ambassador to the tenth power.




The same rule applies to this guy. He’s out in a really nice 60s convertible on a beautiful summer day but clearly he’s only interested in what’s down the road. The passenger is just an impediment to his view.




Vintage Camaros are a big draw for humans but for this bandanna-wearing canine, it’s simply another open window. Dogs travel in a very unpretentious world so classic iron mans nothing unless the window doesn’t crank down.


dog- igp2434


There’s little doubt who owns the shotgun seat in this picture. When a dog blocks out the most of the window, this means only one thing…there’s no way you’re calling shotgun on this mammoth-sized mutt.




Another similar scenario here. If  you want this guy’s window then you’d better be the size and strength of a mountain lion because anything less guarantees disappointment.




Here’s yet another good example of how to protect that passenger side rear window. Can you imagine trying to grab an iPad in the back seat of this particular SUV? Rover clearly loves the fresh air and freedom of an open window but that stunt would clearly spoil his good mood.



Speed is irrelevant past a certain point for dogs unless they’re losing a foot race with a rabbit, so this guy is clearly unimpressed with his ride. Again, it’s the shotgun seat that matters, not the safety harness that signals brute force.




This guy is in a new truck but again, that doesn’t matter. What does matter is the moving view and the fresh air of an open window….and the occasional encounter with Doggie Paparazzi.


dog- igp2452


These two hoodlums were in the front seat of a large motor home a few weeks ago. The question is, are they mere sound security alarms or could they inflict serious damage on a hapless burglar?




Don’t bet your kid’s college fund on the “serious damage” part.


Jerry Sutherland

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