We spotted this wild 1969 Plymouth GTX early in the car show season and just looked for the crowds around it at every subsequent show.


This car is an untamed beast and yet it can be legally driven on the street.


Then-owner Dan Maisonneuve is no stranger to horsepower and has owned many wild rides over the years, but he was seriously taken with this GTX when he bought it.




Clearly so was the public at large, as Dan found out when he went on a summer car show tour with the car.


The GTX has been modified, to say the least, but it was indeed a GTX when it left the factory all those years ago. A stock GTX was a brute force machine all on its own and this car takes that concept to a brand new level.


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It is a wolf in wolf’s clothing and this GTX is now an alpha male wolf with its giant blown Hemi. Dan explained how his car is “great on the highway but not so great in the corners.”


We would guess his assessment is pretty accurate, given the car now sports around 1200 horsepower readily available to his right foot.




Dan has always had a soft spot for Hemis and a car like this Pro Street GTX takes the legendary Elephant engine to a whole different level of outrageous performance.


He told us “everyone should own a Hemi” and that concept takes us to the next step in the wild GTX’s history because Dan sold the car near the end of the 2014 show season to Rod Talbot.


Rod knew about the car before Dan bought it, “I was going to go after it, but it was too much money”. Rod had a soft spot for the GTX models since he was a teenager.




Rod bought a 1969 GTX with money he earned as a 17-year-old gas pump jockey during a bygone era when every gas station had young guys who filled your tank, cleaned windshields, and checked oil.


He owned it even after he got married, but eventually new responsibilities in his life meant Rod had to part ways with his GTX. The uncontrollable urge to buy Dan’s car was a somewhat spontaneous one, likely driven by Rod’s fond memories of his first GTX.




But this car is much different when it comes to horsepower and Rod’s latest GTX is a big leap in tire-melting performance. He has already taken the car on a late car show season tour of Montana and Idaho, with plans to take the car on a 2015 show tour.


Rod has also experienced the large crowds of curious onlookers encountered by its previous owner Dan and has gotten used to the many questions about the GTX.




The car has a full-lift front clip that allows complete access to the engine, along with a great way for people to see what a super-charged giant block Hemi looks like in a car.


Overall, it was clear Dan and Rod shared a common sentiment about the GTX: they both loved this car.


So do the crowds of people around it at car shows.


Jim Sutherland

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