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We attended a vintage vehicle auction in our town recently and it was a nice break from the grim reality of a winter that was a guest that stayed far too long and drank all of our beer to add insult to injury.


So we really enjoyed an opportunity to see a room full of old iron, even if they wore ‘For Sale’ signs.


However every car show has the possibility of storm clouds and this indoor car auction’s storm clouds were several vehicles for sale at the auction that we have covered for MSCC.

We started MSCC with the idea there is a story behind every vehicle that makes it desirable to its owner.




We love to find out why these vehicles are held in such high regard by their owners. Sometimes the link is a family legacy and the vehicle may be the one that was owned by a departed friend or relative. Maybe the vehicle represents a long lost memory for a car guy or girl and is a replica of a vehicle from the past that held such fond memories for the owner.


That is our reason for existence at MSCC and we try very hard to make sure that our stories are more of a long term commitment between owner and vehicle, and not simply an automotive version of a one night stand. We assume that the owners have enough respect for the old car hobby to tell us the truth when we interview them about their vehicles.


So we are never happy when we see a vehicle for sale at an auction when we have the owner’s story on our site and they have told us that they had no plans to sell the vehicle during the interview. We think less of them for many reasons, including the fact that they have misrepresented their intentions about the vehicle.




We wonder whether they even have a car guy’s soul and whether the vehicles are simply a cold-blooded investment, maybe even just Microsoft or Facebook shares with a steering wheel to these people. Are their investments a testimony to their fond memories of a bygone automotive era and a memorable time in their younger lives or a futures commodity bet?


So, when we see a vehicle hit the auction block after we have taken the story from the owner and they assure us that they are in the relationship for the long haul, we are pretty disappointed with the course of events. We at MSCC are not petty vengeful people by nature, but we do take a huge amount of satisfaction from any situation where the gavel comes down and the guy lost his shirt on his investment.




We celebrate the new owner’s good fortune and sincerely hope that they have purchased the vehicle for all of the right reasons this time.


The new owner has an opportunity to right a wrong in our opinion and, if he can do it at the expense of the previous uncommitted owner, then this story has a very happy ending.


Jim Sutherland

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