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1957 Pontiac Laurentians are a rare beast these days.


The Canadian-made Poncho owes its name Laurentian to a mountain region in the province of Quebec, a province where French is the primary language.


This four-door hard top is not a common street machine in any language but Dwayne, its owner, was always a big fan of the bilingual Pontiac.


The problem was scarcity and viable opportunity to own a Laurentian for Dwayne.


Like most car guys, he had to live within a realistic budget. His head start was his wife, a woman who enjoys the car as much as Dwayne.


So the heavy lifting of convincing a reluctant bride that an old car makes sense was already done for Dwayne.


Dwayne was patient enough to wait until the best deal for a 1957 Poncho came his way in car world.


His patience paid off-eventually Dwayne was able to do a little old-fashioned horse trading and swapped a Jeep and quad to get his dream machine.


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He has added very few new features to his Poncho-except for one important add-on: His father’s steering wheel spinner which once held a place of honor on his dad’s first semi-truck. Now it has a place of honor on his Pontiac steering wheel.


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And fortunately, Dwayne’s car has power steering, so the spinner is easier to spin for Dwayne.


The Pontiac also has power brakes, so this Canuck Pontiac was a well optioned car for a country known for cautious citizens.


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But a four-door hardtop from the 50s is fairly rare in any country.


The Canadian name plate just makes it that much rarer in 2010.


Jim Sutherland


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