15 IMGP5896

15 IMGP5896


Super Run 2015 kicked off with its first event last night but today is all about yesterday.


This event alternates between three western Canadian provinces and this year it’s in Red Deer, Alberta.


Red Deer has hosted some spectacular Super Runs over the years and the 2009/2012 versions were at the top of the list.


15 IMGP5307


2009 was a little wet earlier in the week but that didn’t stop a lot of gearheads from invading Red Deer.


Thursday night was a transitional night because there was a deluge and then the sun came out for the next few days.


15 IMGP5304


Red Deer streets were clogged with old iron in the early afternoon and by Friday night you had vintage iron traffic jams.


15 IMGP5481


This downtown cruise is one of the coolest things you can see in any city core. You name the old ride and you’ll see it in Red Deer’s city center on Friday.


15 IMGP5459


Imagine American Graffiti with a northern address and you begin to capture the spirit of the downtown cruise and 2009 was spectacular—even with a fair amount of construction.


15 IMGP5698


Saturday is when the big show kicked off out at the Westerner grounds and despite its huge size the parking lot was absolutely packed in 2009. This is one of the biggest, most diverse arrays of classic iron you’ll see on one place.


15 IMGP5892


2009 Super Run lived up to that—and more.


15 IMGP5997


2012 started earlier in the week with a number of tours to local points of interest including Sylvan Lake. This was one of those nights when the weather definitely didn’t help the cause but a fair number of diehard car guys made the trip to the lake.


15 IMGP4837


This was a cool night—not top down weather but the older iron thrives on cooler air so that was a plus.


Another event out at a local retro diner had a similar ending because there was a deluge that literally put a damper on the evening.


15 IMGP5004


Despite the gloomy weather this was a hardcore car guy event because hardcore car guy never worry about rain—it just makes the car look shinier.


After that, the Friday night cruise was an incredible success because this time the weather gods did smile on Super Run.


15 IMGP5285


This was another incredible example of just how much cooler a downtown core can get when you add hundreds of classic rides to the mix.


15 IMGP5625


Super Run had another great show out at the Westerner grounds in 2012—this is one of those shows that is so spectacular you need a whole day to really take it in.


15 IMGP5778


There was live entertainment and classic iron all in one spot so it’s easy to see why this event takes over a city for a whole week.


Some guys call it the gearhead version of Woodstock—that’s a pretty good way to describe Super Run 2009 and 2012.


2015 Super Run kicked off last night—look for Woodstock III to happen this week.


Jerry Sutherland

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