February is a time of year when winter seems to have a death grip on car world.


Most car guys have long since read a bedtime story to their beloved iron and tucked it away for the winter.


So there is little to do except dream about warmer and better days ahead.


The car guys in my community hold regular meetings and get-togethers to pass the winter months.


It’s always a little jarring to see a roomful of car guys without their rides.


The warm summer car season and the regular Thursday night car meet in our community are the usual time and place for these guys. The association with hot weather and hot cars is strong and they look under-dressed without their wheels.



But the four-wheeled brotherhood of the car guy is alive and well in the winter months. These guys spend the winter swapping advice, parts and lies so that the spring show season can have a few more members. Many big winter projects are completed because winter is long enough to take on a big project. And help is only a car guy away.



The winter season is always an active time for swap meets and auctions that offer solutions to completion of a current project, or acquisition of a completed project at somebody else’s restoration expense.



The race season begins in earnest as the Daytona 500 helps cure cabin fever for about four or five hours this month. The quarter-mile guys also have something to watch in winter as the NHRA visits places where traction is lost to horsepower instead of icy roads.



The best bet is a visit to any region where winter rarely visits and snow is a visible sign of the apocalypse. You will likely be able to see vintage rides on the street or possibly at a car show in these mystical lands of endless summer.


Some of us are simply going to keep the home fires burning during this long break between car shows. But it does give us plenty of time to serve up some of the many great stories from the last car show season.



As we look through our 10,000 plus photo files one thing is clear: nothing can touch the summer season for car guys.


Jim Sutherland

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DENNIS:”I’m sure none of the guys up north want to see pictures of me driving around on a 70 degree South Florida ‘winter’ day”.