Herbie the Love Bug versus Christine – The ANGRIEST 58 Fury in the world PT.4




Sissy no. Nice guy-yes.Like I said Herbie is an automotive nice guy and as we all know nice guys don’t finish last. Look at Herbie’s win-loss record on the track and he was carrying a lot of ballast especially in that last race when Dean Jones had his girlfriend riding shotgun.Even worse, human anchor Buddy Hackett came along for the ride in the backseat.


Won that one too and ran his guts out doing it.

Herbie is loyal to a fault.

He doesn’t try to kill your girlfriend, crush your best friend’s tibia and fibia OR set you up for the death penalty after a few bad guys get pulped.

That’s a loyal buddy.

By the way I’ve never met a babe yet that didn’t prefer a cute little Beetle to a 58 Fury Рyour dance card looks as thin as ever even with.the fin car.


So many holes in that closing argument.Let me put it this way. In a street fight do you want Herbie the “cut it out or I’ll give you a slap “ Love Bug?Or do you want the sheer stopping power of a really pissed off 58 Fury? Arguably one of the meanest looking cars Detroit ever made.

Christine doesn’t do the love tap thing with an evil bastard like Herbie did.

It’s more like a 100 mile per hour, blood gushing shove that ends up with a lot more carnage than the best ER in the universe could fix. Problem solved- bad guy gone for good.Herbie left the British guy above ground and intact so Dean Jones still has a living, breathing problem. Christine would have left Jones with a ‘problem eliminated’ mangled corpse as a gift.As for the chicks like Bugs more than 58 Furys thing?

It‚Äôs probably true but trust me-you‚Äôre going to have a lot more fun with the babes that do like the big fins.Go roll another Beetle because…

You’ll meet lots of women-they’re called ER nurses.christine model