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67 IMGP6266


Very few people still own their first car but many people regret selling it.


Fewer people had a truck as a first car.


More men than women still own their first car and very, very few women still own their first truck.



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Deana Chow is a huge exception to the rule because she still owns her first vehicle—a 1967 Fargo pickup. Deana explained how she bought this rare Canadian truck in 1991 and never let it go: “It was a daily driver from 1991 until 2005.” She used it during her college years and it became a big part of her life because it never let her down.


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This is clearly one of those relationships that strengthened with time.


Deana liked many things about her old Fargo but the biggest factor was its dependability and the fact it was a truck because she’s “liked trucks” since she was young. She explained how it “always started, even in winter—it was even used as a garbage truck”. She attributed the reliability to the previous owner—an old mechanic who was really attached to it.


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There’s a natural assumption when Deana drives the truck and it has everything to do with her gender. She is used to the “driving your husband’s truck” comments but reality is a different scenario because her husband is actually “a Ford guy”.


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Despite the constant confusion, Deana is a good sport about the inevitable question but the question would never come up if they knew her history with the truck.


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The 318 was replaced 20 years ago but Deana wanted to take her Fargo to another level after it retired as a daily driver. Projects are never easy or cheap but Deana wanted to preserve her old truck buddy instead of sending it to the purgatory of a spot in the back 40 acres—where you find most old trucks after their expiry date.


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Deana explained how the rehab process took about a year and a half because “everything was good” because it was “kept and maintained” over the years. The truck was painted and the seats were redone so it looks really good but Deana wants to take it to a higher level with a few more finishing touches. She added new wheels a few months ago and there are a few little details she wants to address so the Fargo is a typical project because it’s an ongoing process.


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Deana emphasized how she wanted to keep “everything standard” because she wants to preserve the driving experience she had back in 1991.


This truck is starting a new life as semi-retired on the local show circuit. Dean and her husband love to roll up in this old Fargo because it’s one of those heavy presence vehicles every time it arrives at a show. This old workhorse had every eye on it when they showed up at an event back in June because old Fargos are a rare sight in 2015.


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Deana has clearly moved on to a different stage in life because she admitted she used to drive it pretty fast in her younger days but now it’s a different attitude.


“At this age I don’t worry much about speed”.


Jerry Sutherland

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