Field cars typically have a grim future because very few people stick a fully functioning car in the back 40 acres.


Field cars usually get sent to car purgatory because they fail the reliability test.

After that, it’s a short run or tow to the worst possible storage facility on the farm…under a tree in a pasture.





This 1965 Ford was destined to be a victim of this brutal technique, but Marvin Drewes rode to the rescue, “It was under a tree for fifteen years so I traded a farm truck for it”.


Marvin was well versed in the Ford’s history, “It still has the original owner’s manual, I’m the fourth owner. The original owner couldn’t get his car started so he bought this one new on January 19, 1965”.


This car was on the brink of extinction as Marvin explained, “It wasn’t really rough but it was at the point where we had to decide whether to fix it or scrap it. It took three other cars to do it”.




Marvin’s goal was to get this ‘65 Ford back on the road for a minimum investment and he did have a huge advantage, “I’m a licensed mechanic and I have a car hoist so that definitely helped. This is a 240 cubic inch 6-cylinder car. All the mechanicals are done now, it’s all rebuilt “.




There was one minor hitch in the plan, “The insurance company wouldn’t let me certify it but it passed a safety pretty fast. I knew it would”.


The next stage was paint and most car guys know this is where the money vacuum really cranks up but Marvin had another idea that would fit well within his budget ,“I hand painted it, I don’t like to put nice paint on a driver but it actually turned out pretty close to the factory color. Howard (the original owner told me he had to put his sunglasses on when he saw it”.




The key to success is the “driver” part of the equation in this ’65 Ford and Marvin has scored big on this report card as he said, “It’s very nice to drive, nicer than my 1990 Ford. It’s all manual steering, not bad at all and the vent windows are great”.


Marvin has added a few other personal touches to his ’65 Ford,There’s a CD player under the dash, the upholstery is done and now it has fender skirts now for that cruiser look”. He still has a few things to touch up, “The dash is a little rough so I’d like to do something with that”.




There was a clear goal with this car – do it on a realistic budget and have fun with it and Marvin succeeded on both counts because he’s a regular at many local car shows. Marvin admits he doesn’t have a lot of money in the Ford but the fun per mile is priceless.




Marvin had one more reason to save this car and it has everything to do with Howard, the original owner. Howard is extremely happy that his old car is still on the road and the future of the Ford is clear as Marvin admitted:


“It would break his heart if I sold it”.


Jerry Sutherland

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