The celebrity spokesman has always been a big part of advertising-the bigger the celebrity- the bigger the fanfare for the product.


Lately, the advertising game for Detroit’s finest has dragged two very different spokesmen into the game.


Popular TV serial killer Dexter has taken on popular TV rerun family guy Tim Taylor.


Serial killers are, by their very existence, a very despicable part of society. Mass murderers prey on human beings and show the same level of remorse as normal people demonstrate when they swat bugs. Dexter is a serial killer.


So how does Dexter win popularity contests on TV? He eliminates very bad people in vigilante-style fashion to satisfy his blood lust. It still puts him on thin ethical and legal ice, but it makes him more acceptable to a TV audience.


Dexter also has a very well developed sense of humor in an understated kind of way. His narration as done by  Dexter (Michael C. Hall) is a big part of his appeal in his show.


So Chrysler decided to use his unique narrative skills in a very effective ad campaign for their vehicles. The commercials play to his vocal strengths and the dialogue is also clever and understated. The ads are subtle, powerful and make full use of Michael C. Hall’s soft, reassuring tones.



Tim Allen made Tim Taylor very famous as a TV dad. Both character and actor are dyed-in-the-wool car guys, and many of the complications on the TV show extended from the Toolman’s car addiction.


It was a funny and realistic look at a guy with an insatiable love for cars-and a wife who just didn’t see cars in the same loving way.


Tim Allen does voice-overs for Chevy and his “more power” mantra is a very good fit for the General in their ads.



Consequently the battle of the TV icons will continue for the two pitchmen from very different TV roles.


Ultimately the public will decide whether a bloodthirsty TV killer will topple a clumsy TV handyman in this battle of Detroit’s spokesmen.


Jim Sutherland

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