The car hobby is composed of many separate interests under one big automotive tent.


Car guys will lean toward an area of strongest personal interest based upon make, model, year and any number of other factors that will be found in the vehicle of their dreams.


The determining factors range from bone stock to wild custom and all points in between.




The real trick is to keep an open mind when it comes to the car hobby and embrace the wide range of possibilities that exist within the world of old iron.


The common denominator for all the people who dabble in the hobby is the soul of a car guy found in each of them. They all have a story to tell about their rides and we at MSCC want to tell their story.




The job is easier for us because we love every facet of the car hobby from mild to wild. We want to learn more about the original six-cylinder-equipped four-door sedans and we want to learn more about how tough it is to put 800 horsepower at the rear wheels of a resto-mod and still keep it street legal while melting the back tires.




The most important story to us is the next story where we find the connection between the vehicle and the owner. How long have you owned it? Why did you tackle a major car or truck project and how difficult was the process?


Did you do some or all of the work on the vehicle? How long was the project from start to finish? Is it now finished in your opinion? What was the toughest part of the project?




Why did you keep the original power train? Why did you shoehorn a blown big block into the vehicle? Why did you slam it? Why did you chop it? Why did you lift it? Why did you leave it un-chopped?


Why did you pick a Ford? Why did you pick a Chevy? Why did you pick a Plymouth? How tough was it to find parts for a Studebaker?




Why did you choose a Volare front clip over a Nova or Mustang II front clip? Why did you put a Chevy engine in a Merc lead sled? Why did you put a Ford rear end on a Chevy hot rod?


Are those factory disc brakes on your car? Are those stock wheels? Do you keep up with traffic with that old factory engine and what kind of mileage do you get with it? Do you drive it or trailer it to shows?




What is the longest trip you have taken in it? Was it a comfortable drive and would you drive it that far again? Did you have any issues along the way in the vehicle?


Perhaps our most important question: Do you plan to keep it? We want to make sure the bond between vehicle and owner is strong enough to justify a story with us at MyStar instead of an advertisement . He lists old rides for sale- we just want to tell their story.




Most importantly, as we said earlier, the old car hobby has many different angles, but the biggest angle for us will always be the connection between the owner and his vehicle, stock or otherwise.


It makes us universal car guys and very interested in all kinds of rides for our MSCC stories.


Jim Sutherland

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