How to Add Ground Clearance to Your F-150 Ground Clearance Explained—AmericanTrucks’ Technical Guides


PAOLI, Pa. (December 11th, 2019) – The stock ride height of a Ford F-150 is optimal for daily-driving and long commutes where fuel economy is important. For many truck owners, increasing their truck’s ride height can be beneficial, especially over treacherous terrain. On top of aesthetics, lifting your F-150 will allow for increased performance off-road, preventing obstacles and debris from penetrating a truck’s undercarriage.

There are several methods and practices for lifting an F-150 including: leveling kits, body lifts, suspension lift kits, and adding larger wheels and tires. Each of these options has their pros and cons, as well as varying costs associated. To further explain how to add ground clearance to your F-150, the writers at AmericanTrucks (AT) have compiled their definitive technical guide, assisting truckers as they research to find the best solution to elevate their 1997+ Ford F-150.

Including videos, charts, and infographics, AT’s F-150 ground clearance tech guide is the go-to source for truck lift kit information—the perfect resource to consult before ordering your next truck suspension upgrade!

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