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Justin Dugan puts F-150 Pedal Commanders to the Teste

PAOLI, Pa. (May 28th, 2019) – In this episode of AmericanTrucks’ (AT) “What’s Up With That” YouTube video series, host Justin Dugan brings robots and science to the AT video studio to demystify electronic F-150 throttle enhancement devices. Unlike an F-150 Tuner, products like Pedal Commander, PedalMAX, Throttle Booster, and Throttle Response Controllers are all designed to increase throttle response, while reducing lag time, in vehicles with drive by wire technology—specifically 2004+ Ford F-150’s.

For the experiment Justin uses a programmed linear actuator, which would usually function as a camera slide, to create the controlled and repeatable throttle inputs needed for his test. Cycling through six drive modes on the throttle controller device, Justin monitors pedal position voltage and ECT angles, using the REV-X Tuner by SCT, to physically demonstrate their output in each mode of his F-150 test vehicle.

Watch it here:

Products featured in this video include: SEC10 Throttle Response Controller, REV-X Tuner by SCT, Pedal Commander Bluetooth Throttle Response Controller, JMS BoostMAX Performance Booster, & Amp’d Throttle Booster w/ Switch


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